Edging and Mulching

For a well-manicured look to your yard or commercial building site, WiseGuys Lawn & Landscape offers edging and mulching services.

Your landscape is a large and living investment. Properly maintained, it contributes to the value, beauty and usefulness of your property. The edging of beds and installation of mulch adds the finishing touch and also provides several benefits. The edging nicely defines the beds while the mulch protects against weeds and helps maintain soil moisture.

Here are some of the details of the edging and mulching services we offer our customers.

Edging - To edge the perimeter of your shrub beds, we dig down to a depth of about 3 inches. At your request, we can also create circular beds around your trees.

Mulching - Before we mulch your beds, upon request we hand weed all the areas. If requested, we install a weed barrier before placing mulch at a thickness of approximately 2 to 3 inches. We mulch with your choice of single-, double-or triple-ground hardwood, with your choice of color.

If you would like an estimate for edging and mulching, contact us at:

WiseGuys Lawn & Landscape
Phone: 419-509-2350
E-mail: robert@wiseguyslawn.com