About WiseGuys Lawn & Landscape

WiseGuys Lawn & Landscape LLC is a full service landscape company based in Sylvania, OH. The areas serviced primarily include but are not limited to Sylvania, Holland, and West Toledo.

Being a full service landscaping company in Ohio has distinct advantages to the homeowner, many of whom want that golf course appearance for their own lawn. With the owner of WiseGuys possessing a Turfgrass and Management Degree along with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Toledo combined with extensive work experience at two local country clubs, WiseGuys is the company suited for you.

WiseGuys Lawn & Landscape strongly promotes the same company for mowing and fertilization. We have seen to many cases of these vital aspects not being coordinated. Suppose a fertilization company arrives at your home and whether an hour or a day later your mowing company arrives. That fertilizer treatment you paid for is wasted. The mowing company has vacuumed up or caused an uneven distribution of the granular fertilizer and cut off the liquid fertilizer unbeknownst to them. WiseGuys coordinates the fertilizer and mowing for maximum results. By using WiseGuys for all lawn care, we can GUARANTEE results.

Many homeowners are not aware that the correct watering schedule is crucial to a great looking lawn. To much water promotes disease. To little promotes wilt. Generally a homeowner should water their lawn for longer periods of time between 4:00 and 5:00 am a few times a week. This allows the water to absorb through the thatch to the primary and secondary roots. Shorter cycles of water allow the sun and atmosphere to evaporate a large sum of the water. Generally speaking a lawn needs 1 inch of water per week. NEVER water at night as the grass stays wet for too long and promotes disease. Watering in mid day, the humidity absorbs the water.

To sum up, WiseGuys Lawn & Landscape offers personal care advising on all aspects of lawn care and will always listen and answer your questions. We pride ourselves on each lawn and want every customer’s lawn to have that golf course appearance.


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