Rejuvenate Your Turf.  Get the Thatch Out!

The Problem: If your lawn deteriorates to the extent that routine cultural practice, such as mowing, fertilizing and watering, do not give the desired response it is probably time to dethatch. By dethatching, it is possible to renew your lawn with out going to the trouble and great expense of completely rebuilding it.

What is Thatch? Excessive thatch build up is usually the biggest threat to a homeowner’s lawn. Thatch is composed of intermingled layers of living and dead stems, leaves and roots between the green vegetation and the soil surface. Practically speaking, thatch is an organic material that does not decompose. A thin layer of thatch is normal, even healthy, since it retains some moisture in the soil and increases wear tolerance. However, a thatch layer of ½ inch or more, prevents air, light, and water from reaching the turf’s root zone. As thatch accumulates, there is a tendency for root growth to occur primarily in thatch layer rather than the soil. This results in a weakened, poorly rooted turf that is prone to stress injury. Thatch also makes an excellent breeding ground for harmful insects and disease organisms.

The Solution: Dethatch the turf so that all the nutrients and water your grass needs can get down into the soil. It will make the grass lush, healthy, and beautiful.

How is it done? Turf management expert Robert Rowe has experience specializing in the service of lawn aerating and dethatching. We use professional power rakes to comb out the right amount of dead materials. The thatch is raked off the turf manually and hauled away. After thatching, we aerate the turf and apply a concentrated fertilizer.

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I am so happy with the way my lawn looked this past season. My neighbors made a point to compliment it. I really like the striped look and the fact that you didn’t blow grass in my beds. Thank you

Mrs. R.

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