Lawn Maintenance

WiseGuys Lawn & Landscape takes pride in our full service lawn care for your residential or commercial property. In addition to basic mowing which can be striped (think a professional ball field), we trim, edge, blow off all walks and drives, and remove all clippings.

All this at a great price!

Average residential, Sub Division lawn for weekly lawn maintenance for just $27.50.

Lawn care service can also include pruning for shrubs and small trees. We can complete spring and fall clean ups of sticks and leaves and an all season fertilizing program complete with grub control along with aeration and de-thatching services to keep a healthy lawn.

It is important to note that grub control is included in a year round fertilization program at no additional cost. Some companies do charge extra for this service. Grubs is a bug that eats the roots of the grass destroying a beautiful lawn in a short period of time.

Lawn care is offered on a single use or contractual basis. WiseGuys Lawn and Landscaping will work with you to create a lawn care plan that fits your style, vision, and budget.

Some Lawn Care Pictures

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