Pruning Services

Wiseguys prunes according to ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) standards. From the categories listed below, we can custom tailor the pruning needs of each individual tree on your property. The size of the pruning wounds are relative to the risk of infectors and time it takes a tree to consume the wound. Time of the year may be critical for more invasive pruning depending on the size and amount of foliage removed.

Crown Cleaning: Crown Cleaning is the practice of removing dead, diseased, crowded, weakly attached and low-vigor branches from a tree's crown. This type of pruning can be performed year round.

Crown Thinning: Crown Thinning starts with Crown Cleaning and then adds the selective removal of branches thus allowing sunlight penetration and the reduction of wind friction within the tree's canopy. Depending on the degree of thinning required, this type of pruning may or may not be performed year round.

Hazard Reduction Pruning: Hazard Reduction Pruning is the removal of dead and weak branches. The goal of this type of practice is to reduce the danger posed by visible, defined hazards in the tree. This type of pruning should be performed immediately when needed.

Crown Reduction: Crown Reduction is used to reduce the height or width of a tree. Examples where this method might be used are; to reduce weight for structural issues that are observed in a tree, or utility line clearance. This type of pruning should be performed on a case by case timeline since structural issues may weigh heavier on the decision than the amount of foliage removed or wound size.

Crown Restoration: When a utility line clearing company beats you to the punch on pruning a tree, or unqualified tree service personnel are hired to perform unsightly work, improper cuts are made. Proper cuts need to be made in the fashion of a Crown Reduction to restore the tree's health, proper structure, and allow the wounds to be consumed more easily by the tree. The amount of tissue needing to be removed will determine the appropriate time of year to perform this type of pruning.